1. Your Digital Makeover

How’s your tech going? Think you might need a digital makeover? Wondering where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Your digital makeover begins now. We’ll review some basics that will enhance your online security, give you access to immediate help without leaving your home, and engage your personal creativity all on a dime. A dime you are already spending
Learn the free tools that are lurking inside smart phones and computers….and don’t forget….using these tools along with the technology sharpens your brain. All the gain without the pain….

2. Voice Over Video

1. Create your own videos with these free tools

2. Embed these into your social profiles, the cloud, and smart phone

3. Get a voiceover professional at FIVEER for pennies or do the narration yourself. Either way adding video adds SEO to any social profile

3. Seenagers on Steroids Workshop

1. Mind mapping: How your learning style dictates your approach to technology

2. Tech tips for phones, computers, safety and social media

3. Memories into movies change scrapbooks into movies

4. Looking for Love? A peek at free online dating

The Health Bartender

1. Be your own patient advocate. Save $ and your health

2. Alternatives to Obama Care, Medicare supplement plans

3. Questions for your wellness initiatives and HR best practices
a. Isn’t it time to be actively involved in your own health?
b. How do you find good medical care?
c. What are the benefits of finding self pay medical professionals?
d. What are the health patterns specific to your genetic makeup?
e. How will your environment impact your ongoing health?
f. Where can you get good health coverage?
g. Where do you get your information online?
h. How do you validate your research?
i. What about health directives and living wills?

We have a snack for that. We get it when it comes to promoting health and wellness. Learn more from the health bartender your personalized lifestyle educators. We edu-tain your way to good health.

We make health fun and interesting. Where east meets west we explore the best! Besides we have a ton of social pals that follow us wherever we go. Want to learn more? Contact me today!