Corporate Training

1. Live Training (Is it time for a Digital Makeover?)Phuston-5-opt

If your business is in need of leveraging social media to grow, a customized onsite training session will teach you the strategy, tactics and tools to make every employee’s social profiles SEO pop. Everyone contributes to marketing and sales, increasing productivity and profitability. Happy employees = more business. Train every employee and create a unique group think.

2. Keynote

If you want make mundane meetings fun and productive, consider an interactive; Do your employees need digital makeovers? Make everyone part of your social selling program. Teach HR, Sales, and Marketing how to magnify your company sales. This training brings best practices and safety for interaction online.

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Pat Huston is a dynamic speaker that not only educates but entertains. In her 45 minute – 90 minute Keynote, your group will learn how to leverage LinkedIn as well as other social channels for business development.

The program is performed through examples, quips and stories that leave every business development professional energized and motivated to use social selling to amplify their brand through powerful profiles that attract, teach and engage their buyers. Every employees can help in finding key prospects. Pat makes social selling fun, easy and productive.