Stalking on facebook

Today I was handed a note by a previous friend on facebook. The note read “I knew you’d like the piano staircase video.” It hit me as I was driving down the road. This “friend” was referring to a sharing I had on facebook. I was flabbergasted. Not only had I removed them as a friend, I had BLOCKED them as well. All to real an example that third party applications can override anything you do to remove someone from peering into your life.

I am grateful for the lesson this taught me. I learned not to friend so quickly. I learned how to un-friend and block someone from access. I also learned that you can not stop someone from spying and peering into your life. I shudder to think what a truly malicious stranger could accomplish. I hope my experience makes you think twice about that nosy friend that demands you chat with them and then emails you with criticism if you don’t reply. Someone that  clicks on your friend’s profiles that they do not know and gives you unsolicited negative opinions on the friends you have. Someone that puts a note in your hand that says I can still see what you are doing on facebook by mentioning one of your posts. Creepy crawly and Charlie Manson. I hope they see this when it posts on facebook!