Warning! Are you torturing your callers?

Hate voicemail?…..A lot of us do….but is it the technology or the generic greeting you’re forced to listen to? All the while wondering when it will end, when they will listen ….and if they will return the call if they are texters.  What’s in a greeting you ask? A lot. Do you ask for the purpose … Read the rest

A New Look is Coming!

A new look is coming! The entire site will be redesigned, including a snazzy new logo, layout and higher quality images, designed to make the user experience much more rewarding. Michael K Lyman of Magnum Arts is providing creative and web development services; Magnum Arts helps people achieve success by … Read the rest

Is your medical information safe?

Interesting article I read made me ponder…..Is our personal medical information safe? As an academic dean for a medical career college we introduced our students to online medical record software and taught them how to use it. We never thought about the systems housing the software. With medical records going online, … Read the rest

Why should I use social media to build a community?

Connecting your business or school to a community – a group of people with common interests and values – can give you a tremendous boost.  If you have a community, you don’t need to depend on anyone else to do your marketing for you, and other people will approach you … Read the rest

How to be productive

Productivity is critical to your success, whether you are a solopreneur, speaker, consultant, or part of a larger company. Productivity doesn’t mean doing as many things as possible during the day, but doing as many things that create value as possible. We all get paid for creating value, not for … Read the rest

LinkedIn: the times they are a-changin’ (part 4 – LinkedIn Contacts)

LinkedIn just announced another new feature, LinkedIn Contacts. It’s a tool to keep track of people you know, whether they are found in your address book, email accounts, or calendars. LinkedIn is slowly sending out invitations to its members in the United States to add this feature. (Go to http://contacts.linkedin.com to … Read the rest

Social Media Security Lessons from the US Army (Entrepreneur.com)

To avoid leaks of sensitive information that might put missions and lives at risk, the Army created a 52-page handbook that explains what is and isn’t safe for soldiers and civilian personnel to post about online. The handbook was updated earlier this year. Have you trained your employees on what they can … Read the rest

LinkedIn: the times they are a-changin’ (part 3 – a bigger Pulse)

After what many people think of as Google’s poor decision to drop Google Reader, LinkedIn has announced their acquisition of Pulse to strengthen their LinkedIn Today news sharing feature. According to the LinkedIn announcement: “We believe LinkedIn can be the definitive professional publishing platform – where all professionals come to … Read the rest

Protect Your Reputation: Start by listening to what people are saying

Social media give satisfied and dissatisfied customers a tool to share their happiness or their pain with all of their connections or followers. Unhappy customers can start a fire storm on the internet, and woe be to the company that doesn’t respond quickly to fight the fire. A recent example … Read the rest