Warning! Are you torturing your callers?

Hate voicemail?…..A lot of us do….but is it the technology or the generic greeting you’re forced to listen to? All the while wondering when it will end, when they will listen ….and if they will return the call if they are texters. 

What’s in a greeting you ask? A lot. Do you ask for the purpose of the call? Callers can be like lemmings, if you tell them what to do. A please tell me the purpose of your call goes a long way in the voice mail process and allows you to return the call with purpose and clarity! This sets up a process for effective communication without real time investment.

Don’t forget to include an urgent call process. Try this. If your call is urgent, please text me. Include “ASAP VM and your name. . ( I may not recognize your number) Keep this in mind. We say it much quicker through voicemail than typing text.

Finally, a  greeting with the date and day helps you organize and tells your callers that you check in ..Don’t believe me? Caller ID proves it. With 100 callers routed to voicemail 90% leave a message when your greeting contains these recommendations.  Try it. One note of caution though your callers may prefer voicemail to dealing directly with you!


About Pat

Hello! My name is Pat Huston, as in Houston, Texas …..just not spelt the same. I hail from Minneapolis and spent some time in the Pacific Northwest before my second decade in the Tampa Bay area. I like humanizing technology and healthy lifestyles having spent most of my time as an academic and professional speaker as the common core of subject areas.

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