A New Look is Coming!

A new look is coming!

The entire site will be redesigned, including a snazzy new logo, layout and higher quality images, designed to make the user experience much more rewarding.

Michael K Lyman of Magnum Arts is providing creative and web development services; Magnum Arts helps people achieve success by unleashing the power of their creativity through web design, marketing, art instruction and photography.

So what can you expect to see in the days ahead?

  • More responsive design – a site that is easily viewed on smart phones and mobile devices for those of you on the go (which includes just about everyone)
  • More attractive, engaging layout – a site that better reflects the goals and mission of Pathuston.com, and invites visitors to kick off their shoes and stay awhile
  • Better designed navigation – a site that lets you easily and intuitively find the information you’re looking for
  • More engaging content – a site that includes higher quality photography, images and video, all designed to enhance the visitor experience

About Magnum Arts

Magnum Arts is Michael K Lyman, a military veteran with a degree in graphic design, a certificate in web development, and over ten years of experience in marketing, photography, illustration and art instruction. Visit Magnum Arts on the web at magnumarts.net.

The mission of Magnum Arts is to Inspire, Create and Engage:

Inspire others to broaden their horizons, improve the quality of life and the world around them, and to make this world a better place in ways big and small.

Create eye-pleasing, responsive and effecient web sites, create entertaining, thought-provoking, uplifting art, create captured moments for others to share through high quality photography.

Engage clients, students, friends and colleagues through positive interactions, which challenge pre-conceived notions, integrate the best of what others have to offer and encourages healthy development of mind and spirit.


About Pat

Hello! My name is Pat Huston, as in Houston, Texas …..just not spelt the same. I hail from Minneapolis and spent some time in the Pacific Northwest before my second decade in the Tampa Bay area. I like humanizing technology and healthy lifestyles having spent most of my time as an academic and professional speaker as the common core of subject areas.

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