The wisdom of Seth Godin: Choose Your Customers First

We’ve all heard it – start by finding a group of target customers that has a problem (a “pain“) or an opportunity (a “gain“) that you have the skills and tools to address. But Seth Godin reminds us that the desirability of a customer set goes beyond pains and gains to the issue of, do you want to do business with these people ? Are they willing to pay what your product or service is worth ? Do they have integrity ? Will they carry out their end of the bargain ? Think about that before you launch your business. When you decide, design your product or service so it will attract your desired customers and not appeal to the customers you don’t want to serve.

Seth offers a few examples for all of us to consider:

“The real estate broker ought to pick which sort of buyer before she goes out to buy business cards, rent an office or get listings.

The bowling alley investor ought to pick whether he’s hoping for serious league players or girls-night-out partiers before he buys a building or uniforms.

The yoga instructor, the corporate coach, the app developer–in every case, first figure out who you’d like to do business with, then go make something just for them. The more specific the better…”

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