Protecting Your Online Reputation (part two):

Capturing your social media identity

Once you’ve protected your communication with existing social media sites, your next step is to find and capture your name, the name of your business, and the name of your products in other social media. This will keep critics or competitors from using a site with your name to damage your reputation. Your goal is not to use all of these sites for your business, but to keep critics or competitors from using them.

One way to find out what names are available on social media sites is to go to Enter a name that you want to check. For example, when the name “samplechamber” is entered, here’s what you see:

When you see the sites where your name is available, you can decide which ones to claim for yourself. Keep your ID and password, and other registration information in case you decide to use these media later, or you need to renew your registration.

Taking these precautions will take you a long way toward keeping the bad guys from creating a social media site with your name (or your company’s name, or your brand’s name) on it and using it against you. Want to learn more about protecting your online reputation? Contact Pat Huston (, Bob Gaynor (, or go to

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