Protecting Your Online Reputation (part four):

Tracking what people are saying about you

So far, you’ve taken the first steps of protecting your data transmissions, and capturing social media sites and domain names related to your business.

Now it’s time to start watching for what other people are saying about you on the internet. There are several tools that you can use, and we will show you two of them here: Google Alerts and Social Mention. Both are free. Other popular choices include TweetDeck, HootSuite, and paid services like SproutSocial or, for the larger company, Radian6.

You will find that these tools work better for some companies than others. Searching for SCORE (, the volunteer organization that helps small business owners and people who want to start a small business, results in a large number of posts about sporting events, with a smaller number of posts relevant to your search. As they say in the weight loss ads, your results may vary.

Google Alerts ( is a good tool for monitoring comments about your company, your competitors, and your industry. With the Google Alerts tool, you can search news items, blogs, and video for a search phrase of your choice; choose how often to be notified; and pick the email account you want to use. For example, if you want to see news about the Olympics, your report could look like this:

Social Mention ( gives you a long list of posts, photos and videos related to your search phrase. It also gives you analysis of the sentiment of the posts (positive/neutral/negative), the top key words being used, the top users, the top hashtags, and the top sources. This makes it easier to ‘drill down’ on the results of your search.

Searching for posts related to your name (or your company’s name, or your brand’s name), or your competitors, gives you an opportunity to respond quickly to both positive and negative comments. Want to learn more about protecting your online reputation? Contact Pat Huston (, Bob Gaynor (, or go to

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